Hivaoa Holdings – Fraud or irresponsible human error ? (via Summer’s Way)

19 11 2010

It never stops to surprise me the nerve of some people who claim to know how to handle business and to be respectful Real Life company owners. LOL, really? And do their employees know about it too?!? You’ll have to read Summer’s post in full, plus the (hilarious) comments below by the protagonist self-proclaimed oppressed rich minorities…..

I know, I know… market’s are crashing, trust funds are not so safe anymore, the market is suspicious… so, its fair to steal in plain sight now too?? Furthermore, after fully admitting their own mistake they offer NO whatsoever solution to handle THEIR mistake? Plus, as a bonus, they decide to attack your integrity with great pearls as being racist, drunk, idiot and so on………. -_-

Are they kids hiding stolen candy?!? Surely, grown ups don’t behave like this. Plus, anyone clever enough to hold and sustain a company in the real world, under the economical crisis the World is in, surely will be able to come up with better arguments to defend their perspective, no?

Anyway, accusations have higher impact when presented with proofs, just saying.

ps: morons.

Hivaoa Holdings - Fraud or irresponsible human error ? I have been renting the sim called Never Never from Hivaoa Holdings for quite sometime now. These last two months I have hardly been in-world and paying for two thirs or even one third was getting too heavy on my purse, so as the rental period came to an end (five days to let go the sim at this point) I started looking for a new place to settle in. Since I was happy with my current landlord – Hivaoa Holdings – I thought I could rent a new plot wi … Read More

via Summer’s Way




Follow Up on the story:

2010/11/19 – marketing-lesson-nr-185-how-not-to-treat-a-customer


2010/11/20 – new-chapter-in-the-fraud-by-hivaoa-holdings

2 Years…

26 07 2010

March of the Ramblings

20 03 2010

Yeah.. posting… blogging… right.


I’ve written my contribution of the very interesting project by Trace (TwoThreeSixFive Blog). Now that I look at it it seems I wrote more about me then on the entry itself… oh well, so much for humbleness… 😛

Anyway… the good thing was that I wrote that inside my car on Tuesday while waiting for my pumpkin to go for lunch… otherwise I would not have a car to write it and no mood at all to write whatsoever. You see, my 18-year old car got stolen last Thursday – right in the middle on a public park, near one busy avenue, next to a busy sidewalk… a paid park by the way (not that it helped that much) –  I haven’t been able to do much more since I found it was missing.

Its revolting to find your belongings taken away by god-knows-who-for-doing-god-knows-what…. its a feeling of violation that, sadly, many people have experienced before me and many other more will experience after me.

What do you do then?


you can cry. you can shout. you can scream. you can stomp around. you can walk around trying to look for your things….

in the end, it doesn’t really matter. Its not on your hands anymore and you’re left ‘naked’ in the street with an itchy feeling down your arse and mouth… its a rollercoaster of emotions and none that useful let me tell you.


anyway… just needed to get it out of the system. My car was stolen by some dipshit… and the moron managed to get a laptop bonus with the car even… while all I got was the losers end and the joke is on me. thankfully I had the backups up to date and no data was lost, just the money of the thingy and value of the car….

Like Smeogul i guess… “my precious…. my precious…” guess I’ll never see either again………..



New Second Life ?

27 02 2010

LindenLabs have released the new SL viewer and I was quite pleased with the overall look and feel of it. Somethings, of course, I’d prefer to have been made differently and others I still have to dig a bit to figure out how to do them. But overall, I was pleased with the improvements.

In a way it feels like a new breath of fresh air in to SL, and it surely inspires me to spend more time inworld again 🙂

Related to that, one of the many creative SL residents decided to create a new project dubbed The Two Three Six Fiv Second Life Project and I’m eager to read it and participate. It will basically be a one-year writing marathon related to our SL everyday experiences, each day written by a different resident. It should be fun ^_^

You can read about it here: Summer’s Views , Official Blog

See ya there 😉 and spread the word 😀

Newton’s Laws of Criticism

9 02 2010

Newton’s laws of criticism are three criticism laws that form the basis for classical criticism. They have been expressed in several different ways over nearly three centuries, and can be summarized as follows:

“]Godfrey Kneller's Isaac Newton @ 1689 [Edited by Summer W.]

Godfrey Kneller's Isaac Newton @ 1689 - Edited by Summer W.

  1. In the absence of a outside criticism, a critic is either silently plotting or constantly criticizing the same ol’ subjects.
  2. A critic proclaiming a critic C experiences a propagation p related to C by C = Po*p, where Po is a measure of critic’s popularity. Alternatively, a critic’s assertiveness is proportional to the publishing time derivative of mass media attention.
  3. Whenever a first critic exerts a critic C on a second critic, the second critic exerts a critic −C on the first critic. C and −C are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction, though they tend to increase exponentially in time.

These laws describe the relationship between the criticism acting on a critic’s object and the dynamic of that critic itself. They were never published by Sir Isaac Newton in any of his works, thoughPhilosophiæ Naturalis Principia Criticismus sounds good to me. These laws however can be used to criticize and analyze the actions of many social objects and societies. For example, by using these laws of criticism and combining them with the law of universal criticism, we can explain Kepler’s laws of mass media news.

Extremely Paraphrased from Wikipedia

Summer, Ephemeria & Cycles

4 09 2009

And its September once again…

Where did time go?

Summer went by like a gush of wind and all its left are the tingling sensations in your skin, memories of what you felt in that brief moment in time.

It’s back to work now. Full time. Full projects. Full schedule. Plenty of deadlines. Some projects and wishes too. Fall is nearing by, with leafs lavishing the ground and stripping down the trees for the cold weather that starts to blow over us. Summer’09 is nearly a memory of the past. Good memories. Very good indeed.

Sure… the wall isn’t painted yet…

Sure… it was not enough…

Of course it could have been more…

But it was unique alright. And for that a treasure to keep.

Perhaps the end was more nostalgic then I wished it to be so. But in perspective it was inevitable to feel blue with the days passing and the realization of what was to come clearer every day.

It’s now over an year that Pumpkin & I met in-world. Over an year since we hooked up unofficially… and 53 weeks since we officially partnered inworld. That’s a whole year plus some spare days. 🙂 It doesn’t feel like that long… but it also feels like it has been like that since ever.

We ended up hardly doing anything to celebrate the day with all the blues hitting us with the incoming summer vacations end… it was a pity actually… we did spend a hell of a great Summer and even feeling like an ephemera sensation, it marks a point in time I’m proud of.

Let’s see what time will hold for us in the meantime…

Afterall, from what I’ve heard… each year that goes by tends to hold an individual package of Summer inside. 🙂

Summer’s Almost Gone – The Doors

Summer’s almost gone,
Summer’s almost gone,
Almost gone,
Yeah, it’s almost gone.
Where will we be
When the summer’s gone?

Morning found us calmly unaware,
Noon burned gold into our hair,
At night we swam at laughin’ sea
When summer’s gone, where will we be?
Where will we be?
Where will we be?

Morning found us calmly unaware,
Noon burned gold into our hair,
At night, we swam at laughin’ sea
When summer’s gone, where will we be?

Summer’s almost gone,
Summer’s almost gone.
We had some good times,
But they’re gone,
The winter’s comin’ on,
Summer’s almost gone.

LotD 2009-08-16

16 08 2009

I don’t like shopping nor do I care much about fashion… however, being in SL somehow awaken in me a new perspective of myself…

So, I do like shopping and I do like fashion to a certain extent… eh, go figure… anyway… my babe’s a expert shopper and helps me out picking out nice pieces that blend well together. Since there aren’t many good male shopping advices out there, I thought I’d give it a go. So, here’s my 5 cents.

Outfit Details:
Hair: =IZUMIYA= Hair&Black Knit
Eyes: -Belleza- Eyes Magic Emerald B
Skin: >TRUTH< Francois [tan] [C]
Piercings: .:CoLL:. Charisma Lip/Nose Piercing Set
Necklace: M.R.M. Dog Tag #02
Shirt: *SL* V Neck Shirt Seal Brown 4
Pants: *SL* The Dude:Jeans Wrecked Darkblue
Sandals: Kalnins Sandals – Earthshine

Notes: Hair & Piercings were a free gift from DSN network. Shape was homemade along with plenty of input from my pumpkin fashion adviser

Wall of Life

5 08 2009

I don’t know much about art. I either like it or I don’t. That’s it essentially. Pollock’s paintings (above and below) are, from what I’ve gathered the subject of high praise and much debated arguments on whether that is art or just blots of paint on a canvas that a monkey could do too. Of course… there’s the argument that a monkey could indeed do art too which would raise quite a few interesting questions, but that’s not my point.

Personally… On the surface I don’t see much on these painting. Reading a book that by chance brought these painting in to discussion made me curious about them and somehow open my eyes to look at them with a different perspective.

No… I don’t see a pink elephant blissfully jumping from lily-pad to lily-pad on these, not no ulterior interpretation of Humanity struggle to overcome their meaningless trifling. It does however makes me wonder about time and life.

I often used to see the World in a stylized black and white painting. Good and Evil. Right or Wrong. Yay or Nay. Eh… so much for those simple times. Now its all a blur of grays. Hard to see where Pure White or Pure Black exist… they might be there, maybe I just need to look harder… maybe not.

Time on the other hand. Well… it keeps running. You may have noticed it yourself. Were I a super-hero (or villain) and had the possibility to choose my special power I would pick the power to stop or manipulate time. Just the idea of being able to freeze a moment in time… *sigh*… it would be indescribable.

Problem is, that’s not the way the game’s played. You’re thrown in to the deep end and the clock is ticking. Sure, you’ll make bad decisions, you’ll never grasp the bigger picture, you’ll miss important events or hints that flash by you. Opportunities are flying by you as you go… You either grasp them or you don’t… You might do well… you might end up worst…

Is there a pause? Is there a goal? Is there a pattern we’re missing? Am I missing it? Or is it not there, everywhere we look?

Hmmm… I can almost feel that I can grasp it (whatever it may be) sometimes. I never can though, at least so far. I doubt I ever will. I could keep making plans, re-assecing opinions, decisions, objectives and so on… where would I end up? Eh… I think John said it right in one simple sentence:

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

So I look again at these apparently confusing paintings and I wonder again: Are they random burst of a mad man delusion… or are they just a depiction of the nature of time and life? Yes.. it looks chaotic, its erratic and extremely complex. However… it somehow works. There’s order within the chaos. There’s beauty even.

Guess we just don’t see the bigger picture.

But… if we did…

Would we understand it and appreciate it?

Sci-Fi and Fantasie Grid Wide Hunt… yeah right…

2 08 2009

I’m not one to normally trash other people’s work… unless it really does annoy me, but this so called “Sci-Fi” and “Fantasie” Grid Wide Hunt… c’mon, you got to be kidding me!!!

Science fiction is a genre that involves (amongst many other things) the impact of scientific developments in society, which leads to such brilliant things as robots taking over Humanity, space ships, time-travel, aliens and so many other things…

Fantasy is even more broader (even Science fiction is a type of fantasy), though its generally used to coin a particular genre of fantastic medieval stories, ussualy involving dragons, fairies, knights, sorcerers and so on…

THIS hunt… well… it is Fiction alright… but not Science nor Fantasy.

Truth be told I’ve only been to 1/3 of the locations… so there’s hope an actual Sci-fi or Fantasy store may pop up… (Ok… I’ve seen 2 or 3 sort of sci-fi stores already … out of 30!!) But really… couldn’t they choose a PROPER name for a hunt instead of a misleading name?


With so many great fantasy & science fiction stores in SL… how did they come up with *these* … places? Seriously… It’s awful… avoid it. Unless you’re hunt addict and you have done ALL the other hunts going on this month…. and even so… hmmm, I’d give it a second thought.

So I’ve sayeth.


PS: in case you still want to check it, you might want to check out Lexi Vargas blog, where he’s been compiling a hint list for this particulary hunt.

Virtual Dreams aren’t just made of pixels

19 07 2009

A rendering of virtual personas or a projection of real emotions?

I have little doubts about it.