I’m on Strike

31 10 2008

As of today until 2nd of November at midnight I’m officially on strike against Linden Labs policy change regarding the open sims abusive new pricing.

That means no Second Life log ins of any kind. Main account or alts. No logging in at all. Other groups are also staging similar strikes either on this friday or during the weekend, so… if you care about Second Life I urge you all to join the strike and avoid Second Life until next Monday.

I know, I myself, have only a little network of contacts in Second Life, and as a blogger only a dozen of hits per day, aided by 2 or 3 more regular readers (that I know of)… So I know this won’t make any dent at all… unless more people join in. Lots more.

Most SL residents, that typically don’t own land (of any kind) don’t care about this and say: “that’s not my problem” well… your wrong. It is YOUR problem, because if the land owners start to abandon the ship… all your favorites sims will start to vanish, all your favorite shops will suddenly disappear, your club where you have met so many friends will be gone over the night. It seems Linden Labs fail to perceive this… maybe you can understand it.

Today its “only” the Open Sim owners that got screwed up. What will be next? Normal sims owners and another 50% increase? We all know that many mainland space is void of life… Will the Lindens enforce that everyone joins in in their newly created mainland spaces at their own rules and stop the creativity of very talented and giving people that have given so much to the SL community? Hell, I say this is wrong!!

I don’t own any sim. I rent a small skybox and share half a sim with my lovely partner. We can change to another place and avoid the price increase… but frankly… I don’t want to. Open spaces have created wonderful places where you can walk freely without having to navigate trough cluttered sims, with your camera bumping at every wall, making you dizzy and feeling claustrophobic… open sims were a great idea. Let’s make it work. Let’s make it survive. Let’s force Linden Labs to pull back their outrageous decision!!!

Say NO to Linden Labs Open Sim new pricing policy !! JOIN THE STRIKE !! LET’S SHOW LINDENS WHAT SECOND LIFE IS… WITHOUT US !!

Vint Falken’s View and careful explanation of the situation

Jira Resolution



7 responses

1 11 2008
Linden Lab has it’s business model ass backwards | VintFalken.com

[…] Miklos goes on strike!. No ‘logging in’ from him – or the alts – until november […]

3 11 2008
Openspace Protests Growing « Around the Grid

[…] (Oct. 31) to protest Linden Lab’s planned price hike on Openspace regions.  Others, such as Petros Miklos, are taking it longer, through the weekend.  Running a quick test on how many are present — […]

7 11 2008
Summer Wardhani

Mmm… you really should get out of strike, babe hehehe. I wonder what’s been keeping you so busy that a whole week went by after your last post !! 😛

7 11 2008
Petros Miklos

/me looks back to Summer with an innocent look

9 11 2008

With or without strikes you guys be still here paying to LL one way or another so…

Who fucking cares about a strike?


9 11 2008
Summer Wardhani

*me smiles at Petros with a similar innocent look 🙂

Electro – that much is true, indeed. I guess because we have built a life there. It doesn’t prevent us from showing we’re not happy with the situation, though.

9 11 2008
Petros Miklos

Its a matter of principle. Its not about anyone else caring, it’s not about other people noticing it, it’s not really about making LL change anything, ‘cuz let’s face it, I’m just one of many…

But its about me and about what I think its wrong. So, simply put: I care.

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